Exercise Methods

Exercise is one of the cornerstones of Physical Therapy training and intervention. We are experts in movement and musculoskeletal conditions. Many people we treat are needing some guidance in their current exercise routine, how to prevent injury, returning to activity, and exercise after injury or surgery.



Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise is a physical therapy intervention encompassing a broad range of activities designed to restore or improve musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and/or neurologic function.  Therapeutic exercise programs can be designed to prevent injury or secondary impairments and to rehabilitate and restore normal function. Physical therapists use specific and individualized therapeutic exercise as one component of patient care to improve functional ability and general well-being in those who are experiencing limitations or disability due to a disease, disorder, trauma/injury, or surgery. 

Balance and Gait Training

Balance is defined as the ability of the body to statically and dynamically stabilize against resisting intrinsic and extrinsic forces. Balance training involves performing exercises that change your base of support and reaction to righting yourself to help prevent risk of falls. Gait training is a type of physical therapy that helps people improve their ability to stand and walk. One goal of gait training is preventing falls. Gait training may be recommended after an illness or injury, to help a patient regain independence in walking, even if an adaptive device is needed. Gait training helps strengthen muscles and joints, improves balance, improves posture, develops muscle memory, builds endurance, and retrains the legs for repetitive motion.

Burdenko Method

The Burdenko Method is a practical application of water and land exercises based on a holistic approach to rehabilitation, conditioning, and training. It handles a wide range of athletic injuries as well as other aspects of orthopedic rehabilitation. founded in 1984 in the USA by Igor N. Burdenko, Ph.D., The Burdenko Water and Sports Therapy Institute has been dedicated to healing programs that combine traditional and alternative therapies.


Postural Exercise Therapy

Postural Exercise Therapy address alignment, strength and  relative position of the body parts to maintain a well balanced body and to help reduce the incidence of injury.  Poor posture, weakness and repetitive motion can take us out of  alignment and is a potential source for health problems including pain, injury, balance disruption, poor physical performance or additional weakness.  Exercises for posture may include core strengthening or subtle movements for realignment and are beneficial for most painful conditions and injuries including back pain, neck pain, shoulder dysfunction, osteoporosis, scoliosis, balance impairment and muscle imbalances.